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 Audiobook reading demo
 Audiobook reading demo
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I am a 55-year old man

My voice is informative, narrative, conversational and dynamic. I appreciate reference samples.
Native Estonian
Other languages for communication: Finnish, English, Russian

Home studio

Mic: Stellar X2, SE Electronics M1C
Preamp: dbx286s
Soundcard: Tascam US-2x2
DAW: Reaper with different plugins
Sound editing: cleaning, compressing, EQ, saturation, adding background sound or music. Also a raw sound.


I worked in advertising agencies for about 20 years. Finally 5 years ago I quit and started my freelance career.

I am a freelancer recording in my home studio

I work from home in Estonian country side. My day starts with a cup of coffee and a walk outside, no matter whether is it winter or summer. After that I get into my projects. I consult my clients in marketing and advertising. As a sideline I teach creative writing. I have been lucky giving lectures at Tallinn University. Students do not know this, but for me teaching is studying.

I am a podcaster and have 5 podcasts. I talk mostly about marketing. Moreover for some clients I am a podcast producer, helping them record episodes, editing audio and adviseing how to build content and brand for their podcasts.

Audio editing and making music has been my passion for years. Some of my tracks I upload to my soundbank webpage and some tracks are just for fun.

Voice over is my new service and the more I record the more I feel that this is a promising area for me. It is not just about reading texts, it is more like voice acting. Every text has its own attitude and character, and it gives me joy and satisfaction to play with my voice.

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